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ETC S4 Fresnel

ETC S4 Fresnel


Your lighting rig is now complete. ETC’s new Source Four Fresnel brings you the soft-focus lighting and sparkle you love, with Source Four quality and efficiency. Lighting designers have long applied the romance of Fresnel light — the controlled blending washlight and soft beam you can only get from a barn-doored Fresnel. Now you have that singular light quality and effect, and more, in a Source Four fixture.

  • Product Info

    Brand: ETC 
    Age: 5
    Condition: Good
    Ships From: Burnaby

  • Included in Purchase

    • HPL 575 lamp
    • 7.5" Gel frame
    • 4-leaf barndoor
  • Seller Notes

    1. Volume pricing available on 6+ units
    2. Power plug is Edison (u-ground / NEMA 5-15)
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