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ETC Smartfade 2496

ETC Smartfade 2496


Way more than a two-scene preset board. This is a compact console with serious power under the hood. Take it to a gig or make it your back-up board in a DMX system. Available in three configurations, SmartFade gives you big ETC lighting control quality at a compact price. Easy to use, powerful to play with – including a rich special-feature set when you need it.

SmartFade 2496 – slightly larger than the SmartFade 1248, this console handles a larger dimmer count with ease. With simple access to control channels via individual faders, this console suits larger venues that need simple two-scene or single scene operation.


  • Product Info

    Brand: ETC 
    Age: 5
    Condition: Very Good
    Ships From: BC

  • Included in Purchase

    • Power supply
    • Roadcase
  • Seller Notes

    1. Plugs are TLG.
    2. Does not include clamp or gel frame
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