Secret Section

So you've found the hidden section of the website...  This is where we get to a have a little fun by keeping off the radar.  

We hope you might have some fun with this too.


Light up your car with these battery-powered lights for a night and you will own the road.  With full colour-change and built in animated patterns, this is unlike anything else you've seen.

* Lights that are damaged or fall off while you're driving, will be subject to an additional charge


Project any message you want, anywhere you want - if you've got the balls to pull it off.  Just email us the message, we help make it happen.

* If you get arrested, the rental equipment is still due back before noon.

Disappear into the backwoods with all your closest friends and forget about the stupid pandemic for a night.  We'll supply the power and the ambience, the rest is up to you.

* Passing out in a ditch is no excuse for a late rental return and may result in an extra day charged.