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Scene Station Portable


Output:8 ports @ XLR5F
Power:iec (to Edison)


SceneStation sets a new standard for full-featured, easy to use, cost-effective DMX lighting control. The Portable SceneStation is entirely self-contained in a ruggedized metal enclosure with 5-pin XLR jacks. Perfect for rental jobs, temporary projects, trade show booths, churches and more, SceneStation can control nearly any DMX device (RGB fixtures, moving lights, dimmers, effects, etc.), while also remaining very simple for the end-user.

SceneStation is dynamic. Instead of only offering the ability to playback a few simple “presets”, SceneStation can be programmed to run shows with multiple steps, loops, and beautiful built-in effects.

The secret is the power and flexibility of the built-in effects engine and fully-customizable preset buttons. SceneStation goes way beyond simple “presets” with the ability for each scene to have stunning effects such as Twinkle, Sparkle, various color animations and more. SceneStation’s buttons can be programmed with advanced features like running chases, stepping sequentially through a list of scenes, toggle, momentary, pile-on functions and more. Additionally, each button includes fully-programmable RGB backlighting and the button caps can be optionally engraved with custom legends.

Another important feature of SceneStation is how easy it is to program. The powerful SceneStation Studio software (available for Mac or Windows) is a simple, but sophisticated graphical environment for setting up and building content for SceneStation.